I have worked in the radio broadcast industry for twenty years in the Missouri and Kansas area. I’ve been “up and down the dial” and have worked as an announcer and production director for many radio stations. But what I excel in is my unique ability to mix music. That’s because I’ve been DJ-ing in front of crowds for over two decades and knows how to read a room and play what people want to hear. You’ll love DJHP Broadcasting Old School Hits station. Its music mixed the way it SHOULD be.

You’ve been looking for a radio station that play the true “Old School” music you grew up with. A lot of stations out there are playing a mixture of r&b, pop and rock songs. DJHP Broadcasting is the real thing! From classic soul, funk, disco, slow jams, old school rap and some gospel. We play a lot of your favorites and some of those deep cuts you don’t hear too much of. Our listeners have great taste in music and we listen to your suggestions. Be sure to let us know what you would like to hear. It’s your station and we’ll keep it sounding incredible for you!