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DJ Hank Productions produce custom DJ drops for, Internet, Night Clubs and Radio DJs. We put you in the mix with hot new custom drops that will brand your show. Our services are quick, unique and well produced, which makes your drops very easy to blend into your mix. Send us your information and name of your services, we will review your information by phone to make sure pronunciations are correct and get a feel for the voice-over delivery you want. We charge $45.00 for each drop or $150.00 for four drops. We accept Papal payments only. Call 816 875 0357. 


                            Here is a list of our prices


DJ Drops (dry)                                                     $35.00

DJ Drops (up to 12 seconds.) Produced          $45.00

DJ Drops (Four total) Special rate                   $150.00    

MP3 (EMAIL-DELIVERY) $1.00 per e-mail destination.

Willing to work with any reasonable budget for more information contact us (816) 875-0357.