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DJ Hank Productions
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                              Night Clubs and Bars
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DJ Hank Party

    In The Mix Keeping The Dance Floor Packed
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Bring DJ Hank Productions to your bar or nightclub for fun, good times, and to keep the people coming back for more.  I have 22 years DJ'ing  experience in nightclubs. With my diverse mixing skills and excellent music selection, I will keep your crowd dancing all night long! DJ Hank Productions services for nightclubs & bars are $150.00 an hour. Which includes: DJ, Laptop & two Turntables, 4-Hour event.  



DJ Hank Productions LLC, will tailor to your event and meet your needs. We believe that our job is to provide musical entertainment in a manner that suits the desires of our clients.

club dj, party dj
DJ Hank Party
                                   We  offer Karaoke services

We have a 25,000+-music catalog. With over 22 years experience, we can turn a slow bar night into a happening spot any night of the week. Even if you have a busy bar, we can keep those customers coming back!

  • We have ALL the most popular music in a bar-friendly edited format, as well as your older favorites.
  • Karaoke – Over 9,000 Karaoke songs available.
  • Fully digital High Definition sound system, with computerized MP3 music library, wireless microphones, flat screen monitor. (Capable of handling up to 600 guests!)
  • We always take requests and treat customers with respect.

For more information please contact DJ Hank Productions
816 875-0357


                          Night Clubs And Bar Form
1st: Check our availability calendar and fill in your information about your event.

           2nd: Pay your deposit fee which is half of your balance. Use the drop down Buy Now Button to find your amount. We only use the secure PAYPAL credit card system.

3rd: Complete your Nightclub and bar form and send via


Once we receive your Paypal confirmation your date is secure and a final contract will be sent to you. The balance is due upon set-up of  event. An additional charge applies to any special set-up or travel distances greater than 25 miles.

                              For more information call 816 875-0357 or